The Three Wise Men Veterans Foundation

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Our veterans fought for us. Now it is our turn to fight for them. The Three Wise Men Foundation was created in the memory of the Wise brothers: Jeremy, Ben, and Beau Wise—the “Three Wise Men”. We all joined the military together. I joined the Marine Corps; Jeremy joined the Navy becoming a SEAL; Ben joined the Army becoming a Green Beret, and Beau joined the Marine Corps. Tragically, both Jeremy and Ben Wise were killed in action in Afghanistan. They represent the generation who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Beau Wise remains on active duty. He represents the generation we now stand with as they transition from combat to peace. We works daily to help these veterans--those who survived combat, survive the peace that follows. Our 501c3 organization focuses on advocacy, awareness, and building alliances to serve those veterans. Advocacy to promote policies that ensure we are honoring our commitment to veterans. Awareness campaigns to connect our veterans to programs we know will help them. And building alliances because we can’t (and shouldn’t) try to save the world on our own.